Laura Nyro

1-The Bells
2-Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
3-So Many Memories
4-Buy And Sell
5-And When I Die
6-Lonely Highway
8-Children Of The Junks
9-Ain't No Mountain High Enough
10-He's A Runner
12-Stoned Soul Picnic
13-Radio Interview

Source: AUD > ? > Trade CDR > EAC(Secure) > WAV > FLAC8

Trade CDR from db.etree user "mikedeauk"(2008), EAC/FLAC by jagrahamATroanokeDOTedu(March 2009)

*-This show came to me as an audio CD labeled 1/1/72 Japan. I doubt the show is actually on that date but rather unknown. If anyone has more information on this show or any other Nyro tour dates please share.