Here's the lovely Carnegie Hall show from 3/31/76 I said I'd share. One track used on Season of Light has been omitted. Many thanks to jkauff for checking my disc against the extended Season of Light for officially released tracks.

Check it out - it's an amazing setlist and an incredible band behind her. This is an FM-sourced recording. Excellent overall.

NOTE: after trading for possible upgrades, every copy I've received has had the same flaws/glitches present. I have sent the best of the discs to two people who work wonders with flaws, but while they've done their best with it, these problems remain. They don't make it unlistenable for me at all. Examples, in case others with it would check their versions, are track 2, 0:55 (a bit of data missing?), track 3, 0:36 & 4:11, track 7, 2:34, track 9, 1:30, and track 10, 0:56.

IMO, these flaws don't impact what a great show this is; it's worth it in every way. If you loved her, you'll love this.

In my hands: CDR>EAC(secure mode)>WAV>FLAC(level 8)

Here's the set list:

1 Radio Announcers Introduction
2 Stormy Love
3 Money
4 Sweet Lovin' Baby
5 And When I Die
6 Band Intro
7 Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp
8 The Confession
9 I Am the Blues
10 Sweet Blindness
11 Smile>Mars
12 Timer
13 The Cat Song
14 Emmie
15 When I was a Freeport (And You Were The Main Drag) (removed)
16 Radio Announcers
17 Midnight Blues
18 Radio Announcers

What a wonderful group of musicians in this band...

Richard Davis drums
Nydia Mata conga drums
John Tropea guitar
Richard Davis bass
Andy Newmark drums
Michael Mainieri vibes (excellent!)
Jeff King sax
Jeannie Fienberg flute
Ellen Sealing trumpet