Laura Nyro - REMASTER - Noise Reduction + Equalization
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

CONTRAST CLAUSE: This is a REMASTER of a torrent that is already on DIME:

Thanks to rwalker for posting this show!

After checking some of the songs I figured it would be a shame to not fix the boomy bass and bad equalization before loading it on my flac player.
I first I removed a small amount of ambient hiss using the iZotope RX noise reduction plugin in Soundforge then I used the Graphic EQ to boost the higher frequencies while scooping a few
of the low-mids that were clouding things up. I almost decided to run it through the noise reduction again, but decided against it.

I'm really pleased with how this remaster turned out. It sounds much less boomy and Laura's beautiful voice is much clearer in the mix.

As always you should listen to the Before/After mp3 sound sample included in the comments below before downloading.

1-My Innocence
2-To A Child
3-And When I Die
4-Women Of The One World
5-The Confession
6-The Roll Of The Ocean
7-Lite A Flame
8-The Wild World
10-Broken Rainbow
11-Louise's Church
13-Blowin' Away/Wedding Bell Blues
14-The Japanese Restaurant Song
16-I'm So Proud/Dedicated To The One I Love
17-No Easy Way Down/Trees Of The Ages/Timer
18-Every Time I Say Goodbye

Source: AUD > ? > Trade CDR > EAC(Secure) > WAV > FLAC8>WAV>SoundForge>IZotope RX Noise Reduction Plugin+Graphic EQ>WAV>FLAC

Trade CDR received from db.etree user mikedeauk in 2008, EAC/FLAC by jagrahamATroanokeD
ch 2009