Laura Nyro
Saturday May 7th, 1994
Fairmont Hotel
San Francisco CA

01 Dedicated To The One I Love
02 A Woman of the World
03 Gardenia Talk
04 Save The Country
05 Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies)
06 Lite A Flame (The Animal Rights Song)
07 Walk The Dog & Light The Light (Song of the Road)
08 Japanese Restaurant
09 To A Child
10 The Descent of Luna Rose
11 Broken Rainbow
12 The Wild World
13 Louise's Church (slightly rough transition at beginning - doesn't affect music)
14 The Wind
15 Blowin' Away -> Wedding Bell Blues
16 Trees of the Ages -> Emmie ->Pre Encore Applause


17 It's Gonna Take a Miracle->Ooo Baby Baby
18 Let It Be Me

Lou's Notes:

I first got hooked by November 1971's It's Gonna Take A Miracle that she teamed with Labelle on and was produced in Philadelphia by Gamble & Huff. I was starting my senior year in high school in the Bronx, NY.

In 1993 Walk The Dog And Light The Light arrived with the studio version of �Broken Rainbow,� considered one of Laura�s most important songs of social protest. It was written for the film of the same name, which won the Academy Award� for Best Documentary of 1985. �Broken Rainbow� is about the unjust relocation of the Navajo people. This was Laura's 11th and last studio album and her first album in 9+ years - the 1994 tour was in support of it. She did some dates in Japan earlier in the year. I think she was basically doing weekends on this tour as she had a 15 year old son.

Laura left us a bit less than 3 years after this show, on April 8, 1997, from ovarian cancer. Allen Ginsberg, the American poet from the Beat generation, had died on April 3, 1997.