Laurence Juber
Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY

August 25, 1995

Ex-Wings Guitarist

The Ken G. Collection (Vol 103)

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I find this quite an interesting gem. Laurence was the opening act for Al Stewart this night. Which will be coming next.

I wasn't familiar with Mr. Juber and didn't know who he was. After doing the work on this and getting a chance to hear this recording

I was pleasantly surprised how talented this guy really is.

Laurence is an instrumental guitarist. He doesn't sing during this show.

This guitarist is mostly known and famous for being Paul McCartney's guitarist for Wings from 1978 to 1981.

He earned his music degree at London University. Upon graduation, he immediately began work as a session guitarist,

working on his first Studio session project with producer George Martin on an album for Cleo Laine.

Juber gave up a lucrative and successful studio career when invited to join Paul McCartney's band Wings in 1978.

Juber later said that he agreed to join immediately "because you don't turn down that kind of job".

He played on the band's Back to the Egg album (1979), as well as their subsequent UK tour.

In 1980, he garnered his first Grammy Award, when Wings' track "Rockestra Theme" won the award for Best Rock Instrumental.

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01 Open for Business
02 Bob's Your Uncle
03 Rules Of The Road
04 Double Expresso
05 In My Life
06 All Of Me
07 To New Amsterdam
08 Little Wing
09 Purple Coyote

Total Time = 34:31 min