Laurie Anderson
Cabrillo Music Festival
Cabrillo Auditorium
Aptos, CA
25 August 1979

FM Recording

Taper: Unknown
Analog to Digital Transfer: SDC

FM Broadcast->cassette->unknown generations->cassette->-->Sony PCM-10/16-bit, 44,000 wav files-->Amadeus II Pro to split tracks-->xACT--Flac Level 6, SBE corrected

�Americans on the Move� from United States I-IV

1. Walk the Dog (7:35)
2. Violin Solo (2:28)
3. Closed Circuit (5:18)
4. For a Large and Changing Room (5:00)
5. Language of the Future (8:21)

A nice FM recording of a solo show. I don�t know if it comprises the entire set or not. What�s here is quite good.

Buy her albums, go see her live, and never, never sell this recording.