Laurie Anderson 1981-09-17 The Cinema, San Francisco, CA

AUD: mono cass(0) > Tascam Portastudio > HHB-850 > cdr(0) > EAC > flacFrontend(8)

Recorded & transfered to digital by Peter Viek,

recorded on a mono cassette recorder onto Maxell UDXL-1 tape > bumped the master cassette to CDR using a Tascam Portastudio with a small amount of EQ - some of the highs were rolled off to bring down the noise level & the midrange was notched up a wee bit > a to d on a HHB-850 stand alone unit CD recorder

Transfered to .flac by Sherman Loper swloper at

01. Beginning French
02. O Superman
03. Difficult Listening Hour
04. Walking and Falling
05. Walk the Dog
06. Violin Solo
07. Closed Circuits (for voice and amplified mic stand)
08. Let X =X
09. Small Voice (for speaker-in-mouth)
10. Sweaters
11. Reverb

The venue, The Cinema, was a former porn theater & did a short stint as a new music venue. This was Laurie Anderson's first tour to promote "O Superman" & was the headliner of a bill that also included William S. Burroughs & John Giorno.

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