Laurie Anderson
Opera House
Boston, MA
April 25, 1984

Transfer: .wav file transfer > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / Ozone 4 (mastered) > Peak Pro XT (post production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 Good Evening
02 Zero And One
03 Sharkey's Day
04 New York Social Life
05 Late Show
06 Excellent Birds
07 Radar
08 Gravity's Angel
09 Langue d' Amour
10 Track Normal
11 Difficult Listening Hour
12 Language Is A Virus
13 Blue Lagoon
14 Sharkey's Night
15 Thank You

Laurie Anderson has not been on my musical radar for most of my life, other than the fact I knew she collaborated with Peter Gabriel on "Excellent Birds / This Is The Picture" I was not aware of much else.

So when this show came my way it definitely peaked my curiosity. I must say I very much enjoyed working on it and her shows sound to be fascinating audio visual events. I think I got very close on the setlist, there may be some songs within songs I missed but I think it's pretty close.

It's a solid audience capture on the 1984 Mister Heartbreak tour, quality is very good overall with some hiss but it's a good listen.

I didn't see this particular show on the tracker so for the fans/collectors here I hope you enjoy it, I always enjoy the exposure to something I had not dabbled in previously.

Samples provided and artwork included...


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