Laurie Anderson 24 May 2000 Barbican Hall London
Songs And Stories From Moby Dick

Radio 3 FM 'Performance on 3'

Quad FM4 > Quad 44 > Tascam DA20 > HHB 850 > CDR

Never seen this show here, so I thought I'd put it up.
The Barbican shows were being filmed for a future DVD, but all these
years later there still seems to be no plans to realease it according
to the Laurie Anderson forum. I went to the next night and was very
impressed. The show was largely visual, so an official DVD release
would be the best way to re-experience it

Track listings also come from the forum, which don't quite match
the track layout on the CDs. Sorry about that

02-When I Go To Sea
04-Sacred Sea Chantys
06-Ahabs Introduction
07-The Founding Of My Heart
08-Natural History
09-Hangin Johnny
10-Of Man
11-Stick To The Boat
13-Falling Man
14-One White Whale
15-Spanish Coin
16-Noisy Seas
17-Bones Of Leviathan
18-Description Of A Whale
19-Consider Leviathan
20-If You See A Whale
22-Night Watch
24-Make Me A Mechanical Man
26-Violin solo
27-Green Sea
28-Sacred oceans
29-Angels Are Sharks Well Governed
30-Sea Hawk
31-Last Watch
32-Fast Fish And Loose Fish
33-Why Are Your Libraries Full Of Tears
34-Sinking Of The Peaquod
36-Call Me Ishmael