Laurie Anderson 2012 01 28 Transitory Life; A Retrospective Songs And Stories
Festspielhaus St. Pšlten, St. Pšlten, Austriašlten

This performance was planned to be the new show - Another Day In America -
Laurie told me after the performance, that due to a delay in the translation process
instead Transitory Life was performed, as this translation in German already was at hand.
( When Laurie performs in most of the non-English speaking countries
there is a text stripe shown in the local language. )

This evening in St. Pšlten is slightly different from
Torrent #330569 Laurie Anderson 2010-11-06 Transitory Life, Bexhill, England
earlier uploaded here on Dime

an audience recording from Row 1, Seat 19, middle, slightly left of centre,
Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set -> Sony Hi-MD recorder, 44,1 kHz, 16 bit, recording mode Hi-SP
-> a Sony 1 GB HI-MiniDisc, ATRAC3plus, 256kbps -> track split
-> USB transfer -> MacOS X in .wav ->encoded w xACT -> .flac -> Dime -> You

CD 1 ( appr. 45 min's )
101 Violin Viola Solo
102 The Beginning of Memory - Homeland Tour, - CD
103 A Few Years Ago ... - Happiness Tour
104 I Spent A Lot of My Childhood ... - Happiness Tour
105 When I Was 26 I Decided To Stay In Bed ... - Happiness Tour
106 Good Evening w Fenway Bergamot - Homeland Tour
107 Falling - Homeland Tour, - CD
108 Hatchet Head - The Geographic North Pole - The Ugly One With The Jewels CD
109 Hey Ah - United States I-V part 3, - CD Box
110 The Ugly One With the Jewels - Nerve Bible Tour, - CD
111 Blue Lagoon, a part of, - United States I-V part 4, - CD, Mister Heartbreak CD

CD 2 ( appr. 51 min's )
201 Last Summer I Got A Job ... Happiness Tour
202 Violin Viola
203 Last Spring I Learned About A Trip - Happiness Tour
204 The Dream Before - Natural History Tour
205 I Want To Tell You A Story About A Story - Happiness Tour
206 I Live Downtown Manhattan - The End of The Moon Tour
207 Viola Violin Solo
208 Another Day In America - Homeland Tour, - CD
209 Violin Viola Solo
210 Encore - Flow - Homeland Tour, - CD

Laurie Anderson lyrics, music, vocals, one of a kind electric violin/viola, keyboard, samples, Fenway Bergamot

see also
Torrent #330569 Laurie Anderson 2010-11-06 Transitory Life, Bexhill, England

- Please Feel Free to Give and Trade this audience recording -
- though Not In Lossy Formats like mp3 and so on Please -

!!!And Never Ever Buy Nor Sell this audience recording!!!
Feel free to make artwork
samples will be in the comment section

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