Laurie Anderson 2012 05 29 Dirtday! Brussels, Belgium
Center for Fine Arts, Hall M
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, Bruxelles

from the bozar website:

"Since the 1980s Laurie Anderson has been operating on the frontiers where
music, theatre, and the visual arts meet.
She is known above all for her multimedia performances and her groundbreaking use of technology
(often via inventions of her own such as voice filters and the "talking stick").
Over the years, moreover, she has emerged as an acute observer of goings-on in US society.

Another Day in America builds on the Homeland album (Nonesuch, 2010),
which was nominated for a Grammy.
In this hybrid show, pieces for solo violin alternate with spoken-word passages and electronic soundscapes.
Via stories about everyday life in the US, Anderson takes a look at the state of US culture ten years after 9/11.

This performance will be the opening of the Trouble festival of Les Halles in Schaarbeek.
You can find the whole programme of the Trouble festival (29.05 > 02.06) on"

Audience recording
from row 4, seat 9, a few seats right of center

Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set -> Sony Hi-MD recorder, 44,1 kHz, 16 bit, recording mode Hi-SP
-> a Sony 1 GB HI-MiniDisc, ATRAC3plus, 256kbps -> track split
-> USB transfer -> MacOS X in .wav ->encoded w xACT -> .flac -> Dime -> You

AGAIN Again Laurie A made another NEW BREATHTAKING Performance .....
listen and you'll know, go and see and you'll know better!!!
DIRTDAY! Is Highly Highly Recommended!

Thank you so so very much Laurie!!!

CD 1 ( 47.39 )
01 Intro Violin Viola solo.flac
02 Recently I've been reading a book about evolution...flac
03 They say the real reason that the catolic church...flac
04 Violin Viola solo.flac
05 Ah that memories being what they are...flac
06 Last year on my 63rd birthday...flac
07 Ah that memories being what they are...flac w Fenway Bergamot
08 First the bad news...flac w Fenway Bergamot
09 The progress bars at the bottom of your...flac
10 A few weeks ago I went out to New Jersey...flac
11 Now that we'll know what...flac

CD 2 ( 41.51 )
12 Violin Viola solo...flac
13 I have always wondered...flac
14 I always wanted to sing like a violin...flac
15 Violin Viola solo...flac
16 One beautiful evening...flac
17 I always imagined that I...w Fenway Bergamot.flac
18 Violin Viola solo...flac
19 As a child I spent a lot of time trying to...flac
20 Violin Viola solo...flac
21 Encore, Flow...flac

Laurie Anderson lyrics, music, visual design, vocals,
one of a kind electric violin/viola, keyboard, samples, Fenway Bergamot

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- though Not In Lossy Formats like mp3 and so on Please -

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