Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet - 2013 June 28 - Barbican London UK

Landfill : European Premier

Zoom H2 (rear internal mics) > SD > Goldwave Tweaks > CDR
recorded from the 5th row of the balcony, near the centre.

A Disputandum Production

1. Landfall I
2. Sandy
3. Perspectives
4. Landfall II
5. Software Fix
6. Landfall III
7. Nineteen Stars of Heaven
8. The Point of Extinction
9. Landfall IV
10. Landfall V
11. After the Storm
12. Landfall VI

Tracking is entirely my personal invention;
Feel free to modify or improve.

Usual Deal, please don't spread it in a compressed format or
try to make any money from this recording.