University Of Arizona Modern Languages Auditorium
Tucson, Arizona
February 10, 1990


1. The Hills Of My Home
2. Geraldine And Ruthie Mae (Sarah Campbell Cover)
3. (Band Intro)
4. Thanks A Lot (Ernest Tubbs Cover)
5. When They Operated On Father They Opened Mother's Mail (Traditional)
6. The Point Of No Return
7. Beautiful Bouquet (Rose Maddox Cover)
8. I'd Be Lost Without You
9. Daddy-O (Tony Furtado)
10. Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You
11. Love Chooses You /fade
12. I'm Gonna Be The Wind

13. Bowling Green
14. Hold To A Dream (Tim O'Brien Cover)
15. Heartache (Sarah Campbell Cover)
16. I Remember (T Bone Burnett Cover)
17. When The Nightbird Sings (Mark Simos Cover)
18. (Traditional Instrumental)
19. When The Cactus Is In Bloom (Jimmy Rodgers Cover)
20. Rope (Stephanie Davis Cover)
21. Glory At The Meetin' House (Traditional)
22. I Long For Mississippi And You (w/Marc Renard) /fade
23. Texas Bluebonnets (w/Marc Renard)
24. Haven Of Mercy
25. (Traditional Instrumental with members of Flying South band)

Scott Nygaard - Acoustic Guitar
Tammy Fassaert - Standup Bass, Vocals
Tony Furtado - Banjo
Tommy Rosum - Mandolin, Vocals
Laurie Lewis - Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Guest: Marc Renard - Fiddle (Tracks 22 & 23)

Equipment\Lineage: SHURE SM98 Unidirectional Condenser Microphone (mounted on baseball cap) > SHURE Microphone Preamplifier Box > SONY Walkman D-6 (Dolby C Noise Reduction) > Cassette (Maxell XLII 90 minute, High Bias CrO2) > Sony TC-FX170 Cassette Deck (Dolby C ON for playback) > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (editing\amplifying\hiss reduction) & CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > TLH flac level 8, ffp, md5, st5) > TLH (torrent) > DIME

This was perhaps my very first live Bluegrass concert and I decided to record (tape) it. The venue was an auditorium in the University of Arizona's Modern Languages Building. This is a complete show, EXCEPT..there are two fadeouts on Tracks 11 and 22 due to cassette tape flips. I decided to apply some Hiss Reduction using Cool Edit.
Laurie Lewis and Tom Rosum assembled a veritable Supergroup of bluegrass musicians in 1990. Tony Furtado at age 22!?! Scott Nygaard is a virtuoso. And Tammy Fassaert, what a voice! Really nice harmonies between her and Laurie Lewis. The band put on a wonderful show this night. I have loved listening to this show over the years but probably haven't listened in about 10. Hard to believe this recording is 30 years old! Few if ANY other people have heard this and it is now time to put it out there. I hope that some folks enjoy it.
The band FLYING SOUTH with Peter McLaughlin was the warmup act. About a year later Peter replaced Scott Nygaard playing guitar in the band and continued on for several years.