Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Banjo Stage
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
San Francisco, Ca
October 01, 2016

Recorded by Daspyknows

Dead center halfway between sbd and stage
Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2016.62


After day 1 tarps and blankets let with my friend for the early shift. I awoke
at 5AM to the message all stages covered but Swan. Nothing was allowed at Swan
so when I arrived I dropped everything off at Banjo Stage then quickly trecked
to Swan to put down a blanket. The spot we wanted was available and as I was
putting down the blanket I noticed a stream of folks heading over. Another 5
minutes and the perfect spot would have been missed. I had planned on starting
the day at Arrow for KT Tunstall but other tapers were covering the stage so I
took one for the team and caught Elephant Revival and Laurie Lewis and the Right
Hand at Banjo. I really enjoyed Elephant Revival. Laurie Lewis was ok for me
but I did think she put on a good set. After that I went over to Arrow Stage
for Doobie Decimal System and Hot Tuna. Doobie Decimal System is Roger McNamee's
other musical project besides Moonalice with Jason Crosby. I always find it
funny watching him play after seeing him on the CNBC business channel. I enjoyed
the set which was largely covers. Jorma even came out and joined them for Now
That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings. After Doobie Decimal System was Hot
Tuna Electric which was on my have to see list. Last year Hot Tuna was a tapers
convention but fewer caught Hot Tuna this time. Very good set with Jorma and Jack
putting on a great set and the only issue was Jorma wanted to keep playing so the
set went over. This meant a real rush to fight the crowd back to Banjo Stage for
Dave Rawlings Machine. Unfortunately I clipped the first few seconds of the set
getting settled. Finally Steve Earle closed the day at Banjo Stage. I always
enjoy ending Saturday night with Steve Earle and given the election and his
politics the set didn't disappoint. A smaller crowd that usual as many people
chose to see Jackson Browne instead. I was torn, but ultimately decided I needed
to see Steve Earle.

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