*16bit version*

Lauryn Hill
December 15, 2013
Washington DC @ 930 Club

Source: CA-14's (Omnis) > Church Audio ST-9100 > Edirol R09-HR @ 24/96
Location: *STEALTH*
Editing: Tracking, fades, and EQ were done while the show was laid in Sony Soundforge 9.0a (Build 297) as a wav file. I dumped tons of low-end. Periodic loud points were gently enveloped to allow for more headroom in normalization. Normalization performed on each channel independently to -0.10dB.
Conversion: Trader's Little Helper v.2.7.0 (Build 172)

Dithered from 24bit to 16bit using Cool Edit Pro on 1/11/14 by FunkItBlog

01. Intro 01:42
02. Killing Me Softly * 08:16
03. Everything is Everything 09:07
04. Final Hour 06:48
05. Lost Ones 05:59
06. Ex-Factor 12:10
07. I Only Have Eyes For You @ > 02:29
08. Zealots # 05:31
09. How Many Mics? # 03:42
10. Fugee-La # 06:07
11. Ready or Not # 04:39
12. Killing Me Softly * 12:09
13. Mr. Intentional % 07:32
14. Damnable Heresies % 10:23
15. Guarding the Gates 05:25
16. Consumerism 10:04
17. Master Blaster & 03:39
18. Could You Be Loved? $ 05:22
19. Doo-Wop (That Thing) 06:44
20. (Extending Love) 00:28

* - Originally performed by Lori Lieberman
@ - Originally performed by Ben Selvin
# - Originally performed by The Fugees
% - Features Lauryn Hill on acoustic guitar
& - Originally performed by Stevie Wonder
$ - Originally performed by Bob Marley and The Wailers

My third time seeing and taping Lauryn Hill. This was a sold-out show and was opened with a 30-minute DJ set from DJ Rampage. While I really enjoy her shows, there are always people who leave disappointed, having expected her to play all of her songs exactly as they were written 15-20 years ago. Personally, I really enjoy the re-tooled versions, and I appreciate the differences in both the studio and the live versions.

Lauryn's band was made up of her, DJ Rampage, plus eleven musicians (2 on keys, 1 drummer, 2 percussionists, 3 backing vocalists, 1 guitar, and 1 bass).

If you listen closely about 8min into "Ex-Factor", you may hear the venue's fire alarms going off. It was a short-lived distraction that most in attendance (including the band) seemed not to notice. It returns once or twice over the course of about a minute, then stays silent for the remainder of the show.

Lauryn performed most of her final song from the barricaded alleyway in between the stage and the patrons in general admission, staying true to her earlier promise to "Come down there later."

I enjoy releasing tapes that cover the entire set-- from the minute the musician(s) steps on the stage to the moment s/he / they leave the stage for the final time. For this reason, I decided to include the 20th track, which I call "Extending Love." This track is Lauryn returning to the stage and thanking the crowd once again, shaking hands and tossing out towels, etc.

Photo of the setlist is included.

Special thanks to Alex for letting me borrow his CA14 Omni's for this show. I am still tinkering with how best to use them. For this show I decided to run them straight, however I am also considering whether it would be better to use the High Pass Filter on the R09HR to avoid having to set levels low enough to not clip-out at high dB low-end which is only going to be dumped in post... decisions decisions...

Enjoy the tape!

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