Lazy Lester and The Shadows 1995-06-13, Syracuse, NY

This is a 3 sets of the blues legend Lazy Lester. This is a nice sbd. from that BBQ, biker, blues joint, The Dinosaur BBQ. The Shadows are a great band and do a nice job backing I mean Lazy Lester. Set 1;1-13, Set 2;14-19,1-7,and Set 3; 8-15. Guessed on a few track titles. Enjoy, share but don't sell.

Disc 1

01. Inst.
02. Inst.
03. Kill The Ice Cream Man
04. Honey Don't You Know
05. Evil Soul
06. Grey In Your Hair
07. Inst.
08. Who's Loving You Tonight
09. You Don't Have To Go
10. Same Thing Will Happen To You
11. Sugar Coated Love
12. Lonesome Prison Blues
13. St. Louis Blues
14. Inst.
15. Inst.
16. I Wish I Could Bring You Back Home
17. Take It Real Easy
18. Bo Diddly
19. It Won't Be Long

Disc 2

01. Sad City
02. Kokomo
03. Five Long Years
04. Hard To Do Without
05. Irene
06. Raining In My Heart
07. Inst.
08. Inst.
09. Hip Shake Baby
10. Got Love If You Want It
11. Put Me In "Syracuse" Jail
12. Dark End Of The Street
13. Why These Blood Stains On My Wall
14. I Hear You Knockin'
15. Honest I Do