Lazy Man Dub Band
12/22/11 - Thursday
Martin's Downtown Bar & Grill, Roanoke, VA

"Half Moon Christmas Jam"
Harwell Grice Band, Relacksachain and Half Moon also performed

2-Righteous Dub
3-Punky Reggae Party
5-Johnny B. Goode
6-Rockfort >
7-Iron Lion Zion >
8-The Harder They Come
9-Smoke Two Joints
10-Don't Push
11-Could You Be Loved

Source: CA-14s(Omnis, ~XY90) > STC-9000 > DR-05(LineIn) > WAV(24bit/48khz) > Audacity1.3.11b(amplified to -.01db, dithered, resampled) > WAV(16bit/44.1khz) > CD Wave Editor(tracked) > FLAC8(TLH)

Location: ~8' high, ~6' back from stacks

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