Lead Zeppelin
Duisburg, Germany
10. Januar 2015

minimax master-series #419

Master - Audience recording
Taping-location: in the middle at the back of the small hall, beside the mixing-desk, about nearly exact 8,86 meters from the stage (found out with my well known LMG mM86)
Sound-quality: excellent-, some talking people around
Catering: Gnocchi with pesto, a coke, mineral-water
Parking-costs: ./.
Weather-conditions: rainy, dark, windy, cold

Zoom H4N - Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

when I was so much younger than today I once was in the front row at a Led Zeppelin � concert. And that's still one of my worst concerts I have ever been to. So: why not go to a Zep-cover-band and give them a try? And do it better?
I never was much into any cover-band and I'm still wondering why there's so many of them on the road nowadays. There are so many Pink Floyds on the run -f.e. - curious!
As the original Zep-songs are all in my mind (in a dark and hidden corner of my last few brain-cells) I did not have to plan this evening at all. Just going over the few minutes to the Steinbruch and see what happens.

The Steinbruch is a well-known scene-pub with a small concert-hall for about 150 to 200 people. It was something like sold out.

This band is a german Zep-cover-band from the lovely town Moers at the Niederrhine, Germany.
Mr. Poschmann on voc. really is one of the five-best Plant-look-a-likes on this planet, he did it well although his voice is a bit (a bit??) strange, but the original singer has a strange voice, too, hasn't he?
The Animal behind the drum-kit really is one of the five-best Bonham-look-a-likes on this planet. And � I never expected anyone that evening beeing that good. He was really really good, he got his special parts during many songs and -of course - �his� Moby Dick. And � yes � they had the ring of fire at the end of Whole lotta love on his gong. He kicked his kit until he had a Krampf and nearly hat to finish all before the last encore.
Herr Overheid played so much better than Mr. Page himself on that Led Zep - concert I grabbed years before.
And with Monsieur Derdau in the John Paul Jones-corner they had a fantastic musician, too.

Hmm..., what to say: great evening, great concert � it got better and better the longer they played. And they played very very long. O.k., the only problem for me was the voice. And � of course: listening to and seeing Stairway to heaven performed live. Would have loved it if they would NOT play that song. G�hn, schnarch!!!!

But if you have the chance to see them grab 'em and you will have a really great Zep-memory-evening.

Including Cover-Artwork!


Markus Poschmann - (as Robert Plant) � vocals, tambourine
Wolfgang Overheid - (as James Patrick Page) - guitar
Roby Misiejuk - (as John Henry Bonham) � drums, timpani, gong
Bernard Derdau - (as John Paul Jones) � bass, keyboards, mandolin


In the evening-Intro
Rock and roll
Sick again
Over the hills and far away
Misty mountain hop
Since I've been loving you
Black dog
Dazed and confused
Good times, bad times
The ocean
Going to California
That's the way
Bron-y-aur stomp
The song remains the same
Rain song
No quarter
Achilles last stand
Dancing days
Moby Dick
Whole lotta love
Stairway to heaven
audience / banter
Immigrant song
Communication breakdown

Support this band
Go to their concerts!!!!
Do not sell. For trading only. ..and -of course- for fun!

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