League of Crafty Guitarists
WMMR, 93.3 Studio 4
December 8, 1986

A+ Quality: FM Broadcast

Lineage: Radio Broadcast to TDK-SA90 (1st Gen - no Dolby)>Cool Edit 2000>CDWav>CDR>EAC>YOU!

01 Part 1a
02 Part 1b
03 Part 1c
04 Part 1d
05 Part 1e
06 End of Part 1
07 Part 2a
08 Part 2b
09 Part 2c
10 Part 2d
11 End of Part 2
12 Part 3a
13 Part 3b
14 Part 3c
15 Part 3d

My comments:
The second offering from my tape preservation exercise.
I was visiting a friend in Philadelphia and had the good fortune to snatch this off the radio as it was being performed live. I'm not good
enough to know the RF and LCG song titles, and Robert did not really introduce them. But track 10
does sound remarkably like an embryonic King Crimson LTIA IV. I editied out the interviews with the DJ when I preserved
the tape (sorry). But what remains is a fantasic quality 30+ minute Robert Fripp and
the League of Crafty Guitarists performance that to my knowledge hasn't surfaced anywhere. The radio signal was
very strong. This is one of my very best, cherry recordings.

This recording is not for sale, and if you convert it to a lossy format, well - you're kinda missing the point IMHO.

My apologies to Robert Fripp if this is precisely what he doesn't want me to do. But this is too good for me to sit on any longer.