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I recorded this ul�s source original LP on analog tape more than twenty years ago,
lost contact to LP owner then.

The history of the band by the four guys here is well known,
some info on this concert at: http://www.themarqueeclub.net/18-october-1968-led-zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin as The New Yardbirds:

Lineage: audience recording > unknown recording and transfer equipment > "First Concert As The New Yardbirds"
LP > playback on Philips record player with Ortofon MC system > Telefunken tape deck > BASF CRO2 90min tape >
playback on Onkyo tape deck > Pioneer stand alone CD recorder > CD > EAC(secure mode, enjoy EAC log in German
anguage) > Wav > Flac Frontend(level8) > Flac (> echoeshub > YOU)
Taper: unknown, HANX :-)
analog tape recording and CD transfer by Axel himself
Title: First Concert As The New Yardbirds
File Size: 267MB
No artwork...
Length: 44:29min
Information: http://www.themarqueeclub.net/18-october-1968-led-zeppelin
and: http://www.themarqueeclub.net/led-zeppelin

The Marquee Club, London, England, UK, 18th October 1968
01) Communication Breakdown
02) I Can�t Quit You, Baby
03) Killing Floor
04) Medley: Fought My Way Out Of Darkness ~ Hush Little Baby ~ London Blues
05) Dazed And Confused
06) White Summer ~ Black Mountain Side
Length: 44:29min
Robert Anthony Plant(a.k.a. Percy): Vocals
Sir James Patrick(a.k.a. Jimmy) Page: Electric and Acoustic Guitars ~ Pagey is a KILLER on Dazed & Confused ;-)
John Baldwin (a.k.a. John Paul Jones): Bass, Keyboards
John Henry Bonham(a.k.a. Bonzo): Drums

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(Source: liberated "First Concert As The New Yardbirds" LP from my analog tape)

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