Led Zeppelin
January 8th, 1970
Colston Hall
Bristol, England

101. We're Gonna Groove
102. I Can't Quit You Baby
103. Dazed and Confused
104. Heartbreaker
105. White Summer - Black Mountain Side
106. Since I've Been Loving You
107. Thank You
108. Moby Dick

201. Lone Ranger & Tonto Joke
202. How Many More Times
203. Whole Lotta Love
204. Communication Breakdown

This plays about 6% fast I've been told.
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A killer show! Robert's voice is in great shape and the band tear through the set, and include what is probably the first ever performance of Since I've Been Loving You, with different lyrics and a different arrangement but still exciting. "We've got an LP coming out in three months, and it's called Led Zeppelin 19. We're just gonna keep putting them out!" Plant jokes while he's introducing a new material. Near the ned he also jokes more: "Tonto turned into a door and the Lone Ranger shot his knob off!" according to a joke that he has been trying to tell earlier in the concert. The encores destroy the crowd after the gutsy How Many More Times.