Led Zeppelin
Hofheinz, Houston, Texas
29 March 1970

Type II Cass (unknown gen) > X-Fi > WaveLab > Flac

1. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
2. How Many More Times (cut)

This tape used to circulate as being from Houston Aug. 30th, 1969. Not the greatest of tapes, but the How Many More Times medley is a bit unusual. Definately one just for the die-hard collectors.



Additional lineage: Flac > Wav > Adobe Audition 1.5/CD wave/EAC's Wave editor > Wav > TLH > Flac 8

1. White Summer/Black Mountain Side (13:35)
- cut -
2. How Many More Times Medley (small inner cuts at 11:57 and 15:58, cuts at 20:37)

Speed corrected + 4.9%
Removed 12 Secs repeat 19:33 into the HMMT Medley

Although hissy and distant sounding, this is an upgrade to the bootleg releases out there, especially TDOLZ's Texas, Two Steps. The Original Master Series's Ultimate Mudslide does sound better than TDOLZ but it's been amplified and noise reduced to the point that it brings up background noise and that familiar, artificially sounding metallic ring.

Additionally, this tape has 2 secs more at the beginning for those who keep track of those things.

Credit goes out to Sean the bootlegger for originally sharing this back in 2005 at BootCity.

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