Led Zeppelin
April 5, 1970
Civic Center
Baltimore, MD

Source 1

101. We're Gonna Groove (4:57)
102. Dazed and Confused (15:52)
103. Heartbreaker (6:42)
104. Bring It On Home (8:12)
105. White Summer / Black Mountainside (11:59)

201. What Is And What Should Never Be (4:52)
202. Organ Solo (1:58)
203. Thank You (6:46)
204. Moby Dick (17:49)
205. Band Introductions (3:16)
206. How Many More Times (19:39)
(Including Ravel's Bolero, Boogie Woogie,
Move On Down The Road, That's All Right,
She Left Me, Honey Bee, Lemon Song)
207. Whole Lotta Love (6:42)

This recording was traded to me with a VERY specific generation history. The trader
asked that I keep the history intact. I ask that you keep the lineage accurate, too.
With that in mind, here's the complete history of the tape. Note that I placed track
divisions in the correct locations with CDWave. I did not alter the sound in any way.

Exact Generation History:
1st gen. reel (Paul C.'s) >
2nd gen. cass. XL-IIS >
Naka tapedeck >
Phillips CDR778 standalone >
2CDR (Michael's) >
AlmightyZeppelin's CD-Rs>
WAV (via EAC) >
Proper Placement of Track Divisions (via CDWave) >
FLAC Level 7 >
FLAC frontend (V1.7.1 Etree edition) >
wav >
EAC (V0.95 beta 4, removing microgaps) >
wav >
shntool (fixing SBEs) >
wav >
FLAC frontend (V1.7.1 Etree edition) >

martin66's additional notes:
Please note that this version is based on the original files that
got seeded on STG in April 2004. I also included the artwork which
was provided by dadgad back then. This one has at least one CD-R
generation fewer than pernod's which was seeded a few days ago.
However, these files contained a few messed up track transitions.
Here is what I did to fix it:
- Removing microgaps near the beginning or end of some of the tracks
with EAC's integrated wave editor.
- Fixing resulting sector boundary errors with shntool.
- Renaming tracks to meet the etree naming convention.
The recording itself is very good considering its age. It is a bit
distant and there are some distortions in the higher frequencies
during the louder parts. Overall I would say that these flaws are not
very annoying.

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