Led Zeppelin
Bath Festival
Shepton Mallet
June 28, 1970


Quality: B

The Boy Next Door (That's the Way)

Notes: This is the famous bootleg Lp from the Bath Festival on the Krishna label. This seems to be a different source from the more complete one of Zep's performance that circulates and it sounds better as well. Unfortunately, only two Zep tracks are on the Lp, which also features music from Johnny Winter, Steppenwolf, Donavan, Fairport Convetion and Jefferson Airplane from Bath. I only have the Zep tracks, which were sent to me in the early 1980s from someone who had the Lp. There are some problems with one of the channels at points; that's how my tape is. A side note: Jimi Hendrix almost played this gig, but ended up opting for the Isle of Wight two months later.