Led Zeppelin

Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The Pirates
(A Scorpio Production)

Silver >EAC >Flac

1.Schoolday (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) (Berry)
2.Nadine (Berry/Freed)
3.Around And Around (Berry)
4.Move On Down The Line (Phillips)
5.Please Don't Tease (Chester/Welch)
6.Move It (Samwell)
7.Dynamite (Samwell)
8.Shakin' All Over (Kidd)
9.Hungry For Love (Mills)
10.I'll Never Get Over You (Mills)
11.Reelin' And Rockin' (Berry)
12.Snowdonia (unknown)
13.Tales From The Riverside (unknown)
14.Daze That Used To Be (unknown)
15.Bert Jansch (unknown)
16.In The Beachwoods (unknown)
17.Friends (Page/Plant)
18.Wind in the Willows (unknown)
19.Golden Breast (unknown)
20.Who Remembers Davey Graham? (unknown)
21.Strawberry Jam #1 (Traditional)
22.Strawberry Jam #2 (Traditional)
23.The Wanton Song (Page/Plant)
24.The Rover #1 (Page/Plant)
25.The Rover #2 (Page/Plant)
26.Night Flight #1 (Page/Plant/Jones)
27.Night Flight #2 (Page/Plant/Jones)
28.Night Flight #3 (Page/Plant/Jones)

Tracks 1-11 & 20-28 Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis,1/17/75
Tracks 12-19 Bron-Y-Aur Cottage, Wales, 1970

'The dates' are unknown,but clear soundboard tapes are always tasty.
This is similar with
but it is different.
This version include Schooldays, Around and Around, Hungry For Love,I'll never get over you.

Have fun with LZ and old rock'n roll!