By request, here is some studio stuff from when they were recording "Stairway to Heaven".


"The band began to write the song during the sessions for Led Zeppelin III at Bron-Yr-Aur, Wales, but it was completed at Headley Grange, Hampshire, and finally recorded at Island Studios, London, in December 1970.

The opening chord progression in "Stairway to Heaven" is similar to that of the 1968 instrumental "Taurus" by the group Spirit. The group opened for Spirit on a 1968 tour. While nobody in the group has ever cited influence from the track, the band was known to cover the Spirit song Fresh Garbage during their early days, and Jimmy Page has said that his use of a theremin was inspired by seeing Randy California use one. It is also quite similar to a very slowed-down version of the opening to the Irish traditional song "The Irish Rover". "

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Led Zeppelin
Stairway Sessions
Recorded - Headley Grange 1971 & Bron-Y-Aur 1970
Source ---> Silver CD --->dB Power Amp --->FLAC
Silver Rarities SIRA 71

1, Stairway To Heaven (Acoustic Instrumental)
2. Blues Guitar #1
3. Blues Guitar #2
4. Black Dog
5. No Quarter
6. Stairway To Heaven #2
7. Electric Guitar Blues
8. Stairway To Heaven #3 (with vocal)
9. Stairway To Heaven #4 ( almost complete version with slightly altered lyrics and different guitar solo )
10 Hey Hey What Can I Do ?
11. Various Page Guitar Instrumentals

Total Time : 62:50