Led Zeppelin National Boxing Stadium Dublin Ireland March-6-1971
2Nd Gen Analog To Dat Krw_Co Transfer

Lineage Audience Analog Second Generation To Dat To Cdr
Krw Transfer To Eac To Tlh Flac Level 8
No Eq Or Other Tampering Done Just The Tape As We Got It

The Band
Jimmy Page Guitar
John Paul Jones Bass Keyboards
John Bonham Drums
Robert Plant Vocals Harp

Setlist Cd 1
1 Tune Up/Immigrant Song
2 Heartbreaker
3 Since I've Been Loving You
4 Out On The Tiles Intro/Black Dog
5 Stairway To Heaven
6 Dazed And Confused With Mars The Bringer Of War
Cd 2
1 Going To California(Cuts Off)
2 What Is And What Should Never Be(Cuts In Only About 30 Seconds Of The Song)
3 Moby Dick
4 Whole Lotta Love With Boogie Chillen' Suzie Q Some Other Guy Jam Honey Bee
Sugar Mama Blues Needle Blues The Lemon Song That's All Right Mama
5 Communication Breakdown With It's Your Thing/Bass Solo
6 C'mon Everybody(Cut Only About 11 Seconds)
7 Rock And Roll(Cuts In)

Many Thanks Go To The Taper And M
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And Don't Alter This Recording In Any Way.Thanks
And As Always Enjoy.Cheers Krw_Co
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