Led Zeppelin-Florida Sunshine"
(8-31-71), Orlando, Florida, Orlando Civic Auditorium
Soundboard + Audience Recordings,
Soundboard (Main), Audience (Patching)
Lineage: Trader CD-R > EAC, Secure Mode, Accurate Stream, No Disable Cache > WAV >Flac Frontend, Encoding Options,Level.6,AlignOnSectorBoundaries>Flac
Label: Empress Valley

Original Tapers:




1)Introduction+(Fades In, Has A Small Tape Cut, And Tape Rewind Noise)
2)Immigrant Song *
3)Heartbreaker *
4)Since I've Been Loving You *
5)Dazed And Confused ^
6)Black Dog *
7)Stairway To Heaven *
8)Celebration Day + (Minor Tape Flux ,Fades Out)

Disc Two:

1)That's The Way+ (Fades Out, Minor Tape Flux, Tape Cut)
2)Going To California +
3)You Really Got Me+ (Tease)
4)What Is And What Should Never Be ^
5)Moby Dick *
6)Whole Lotta Love (Medley)* (Cuts Out, Incomplete)
-Boogie Chillen
-Boogie Mama
-My Baby Left Me
-Stop Messin' Around
-Mess Of Blues

7)Organ Solo* (CutsIn)
8)Thank You *
9)Outro* (FadesOut)


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+Audience Recording
*Soundboard Recording
^:Combination Of Both TheAudience An dThe Soundboard

Another one of my earliest bootlegs, I didn't appreciate this show show when I first got as much as I do now.
It's a Wonderful performance, all of the 1971 tour was incredible, but there was just something special about the performances that lead to the closing of the North American tour before they did their stint in Japan.
They played with such intensity and had such passion for what was then the new material, it's great to hear them play staples like " Black Dog" and " Stairway To Heaven" with the passion they had when they first recorded it.
The soundboard is one of the best out there, perfect distribution of all the instruments and vocals, it's crisp and bright, and very warm, you can feel like you're right there on stage, there's even moments where you can hear comments from the audience where others totally block out the crowd.
The audience recording is slightly distant, they did the best job they probably could, and Empress has tried to match the sound of the audience tape to the soundboard to try and make the transition from the tapes as smoothly as possible.
It's not that bad a tape though, no chit chat from the taper or the crowd, but the they did fiddle with the mic and the equipment during the acoustic set, mostly on " That's The Way", that would really be the only flaw in the tape.

Hope everyone enjoys