Here's a show (or label version) that I've not seen here. In light of today's other 1971-09-27 posting, I decided to upload this one.

Contrast Clause:
(1) (is a 2 CD Peace Records label and missing "Black Dog" and "Communication Breakdown"
(2) (is a 3 CD Wendy Remastered version...even though I don't see any extra songs not on my upload)
(3) (is a 2 CD Wendy 1st edition)

(1. 2000) Lemon Song label Silver CDs > Kodak Gold CD-Rs (trader and I only used the best media in our trades) > me
(2. 2012) Kodak Gold CD-R copies > Creator 2010 Pro (to put to PC, name tracks, & convert to FLAC) > TLH > you

Band: Led Zeppelin
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Venue: Municipal Gymnasium
Date: 1971-09-27
Label: Lemon Song
Title: Message of Love - The Complete Hiroshima 1971
CDs: 2
Type: AUD
Artwork: Yes

CD 1:
101. Immigrant Song
102. Heartbreaker
103. Since I've Been Loving You
104. Black Dog
105. Dazed And Confused
106. Stairway To Heaven
107. Celebration Day

CD 2:
201. That's The Way
202. Going To California
203. Tangerine
204. What Is And What Should Never Be
205. Moby Dick
206. Whole Lotta Love
207. Communication Breakdown

As far as which version is or isn't better sounding, I really don't know. I've had this one since about 2000 when I got it in a CD-R trade and have loved it. I really have no other version (yet) to compare it too. But at the time, it was supposedly the best version available (according to older 2000 and previous Zeppelin forums, newgroups, boot books, etc).

I hope you enjoy it if you grab it...


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