Artist: Led Zeppelin

Date: 1972-02-29

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Venue: Festival Hall

Source: Audience

Disc 1

01. Immigrant Song

02. Heartbreaker

03. Black Dog

04. Since I've Been Loving You

05. Celebration Day

06. Stairway To Heaven

07. Going To California

08. That's The Way*
09. Tangerine
10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp


Disc 2

01. Dazed And Confused
02. What Is And What Should Never Be

03. Moby Dick

04. Whole Lotta Love Medley
-Boogie Chillen'
--Cocaine blues
-Bottle It Up and Go
--Cumberland Gap
--They're Red Hot
--She's a Truckin' Little Baby
--The Wanderer
-Hello Mary Lou
-Let's Have a Party
-Going Down Slow*

Two sources mix
Main source: 2nd gen>DAT (S2)
2nd source: 2nd gen>CDr (S1)* used for two tracks of the acoustic set and the first
minutes of both Dazed and Confused and Whole Lotta Love and "Going Down Slow" in the WLL medley.

Cleaned and speed corrected, unaltered sound.

Upgrade of the previous version that was missing the "Going Down Slow" portion.

dadgad prod.