Led Zeppelin

1972.06.13 Philadelphia

Disc 1:
01 Heartbreaker
02 Black Dog
03 Bring It On Home
04 Since I've Been Loving You
05 Stairway To Heaven

Disc 2:
01 Going To California
02 That's The Way
03 Dazed and Confused
04 What Is And What Should Never Be
05 Moby Dick (cut)

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Fair AUD rec.

this one comes from the old tracker, in november 2004.

-note- this is the original text from Royal Orleans. Thanks to pernod and legendre for sharing this
Have not seen this on dime and thought it was worth sharing ecspecially for a USA 72' Dazed And Confused.
original art,ffp's in the original text, I no longer have original ffp's, so had to make an md5
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