Led Zeppelin - " Masters And Colonials"
( 12-16-72 + 12-20-72), Birmingham, England + Brighton, England, Birmingham Odeon + Brighton Dome
Audience Recordings
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Label: LZ Trees
Original Tapers: N/A

" Birmingham Odeon", Birmingham, England, ( 12-16-72)

Disc One:

1) Rock And Roll ( Cuts In Slightly, Has A Minor Tape Flux At The Beginning Of Song)
2) Over The Hills And Far Away
3) Black Dog
4) Misty Mountain Hop
5) Since I've Been Loving You
6) Dancing Days
7) Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
8) The Song Remains The Same
9) The Rain Song ( Suffers From Some Minor Tape Fluctuations)

Disc Two:

1) Dazed And Confused ( Includes: " The Crunge")
2) Stairway To Heaven
3) Whole Lotta Love ( Medley)
- Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
- Boogie Chillen
- Boogie Mama
- Let's Have A Party
- Heartbreak Hotel
- I Can't Quit You Baby
- The Shape I'm In

4) Heartbreaker

" Brighton Dome", Brighton, England, ( 12-20-72)

Disc Three:

1) Black Dog
2) Misty Mountain Hop
3) Since I've Been Loving You ( Cuts Out, Cut, Incomplete Song)
4) Whole Lotta Love ( Medley, Cuts In)
- Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
- Boogie Chillen
- Let's Have A Party
- Mystery Train
- Heartbreak Hotel
- I Can't Quit You Baby
5) Heartbreaker


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There isn't a review for this particular release on Underground Uprising, so I'll give you a brief review.

Both tapes are quite excellent, out of these two sources Brighton is the strongest.
The Birmingham tape suffers from numerous cuts and some tape flucuations throughout the show, it was also taped from a slight distance from the stage, despite these issues, it's a decent sounding recording and performance.
The Brighton is superior though because it was taped closer to the stage, has an even distribution of all the instruments, and doesn't suffer from the problems the Birmingham taper did.
According to one of the reviews posted for Empress Valley's version " Sweet Brummy Roll", the person who taped the Brighton show was a teenager who had little money for cassettes, and recorded over a great deal of the concert to tape a Rory Gallagher concert.

Hope you all enjoy.