Led Zeppelin
City Hall
Sheffield, England, UK
January 2, 1973

Source: poor to fair audience recording
Lineage: unknown gen. cassette -> CD-R(2) -> EAC -> WAV -> Cool Edit
Pro 2.0 remastering - > FLAC -> FLAC frontend (V1.7.1 Etree
edition) -> wav (some improvements, details see below) ->
FLAC frontend -> FLAC
Taped by: -
Transferred by: -

Bootleg Title: "1973.01.02 Sheffield, England", dadgad prod.
File Size: 756 MB (FLAC)

Disc 1:
1. Rock And Roll
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Black Dog
4. Misty Mountain Hop
5. Since I've Been Loving You
6. Dancing Days
7. The Song Remains The Same
8. The Rain Song
9. Dazed And Confused
Running Time: 75'21"
Disc 2:
1. Stairway To Heaven
2. Whole Lotta Love
Running Time: 31'27" / 38'12"

SIBLY raw un-remastered snippet for sound comparison.

The original version provided by dadgad had some clicks (most of them
at or near the track transitions). I contacted him about this issue
and he confirmed it to me. He also gave me the ok to torrent my fixed
Here is what I did:
- Moving a small bit (0:01.64) at the end of track 9 (disc 1) to the
beginning of track 1 (disc 2) to match the fade out/in between both
discs. This was done by splitting up the original track 9 at
27:45.63 via cue sheet (in order to avoid SBEs).
- Fixing sector boundary error in track 2 of disc 2 (zero padding
with 229 samples at the end of track).
- Zero padding at the beginning and end of discs (1 s = 75 blocks =
44'100 samples). This will allow a safe burn to CD-R without
discarding some of the samples even if the write offset of the used
program is not correct.
- Fixing small clicks:
disc 1, track 1 at 0:13
disc 1, track 3 at 0:01 and 6:01
disc 1, track 4 at 0:00
disc 1, track 5 at 0:00, 0:03 and 5:55
disc 1, track 8 at 0:00
disc 2, track 2 at 0:00 and 0:03
- Renaming tracks according etree naming convention.
All the editing work has been done with EAC's integrated wave editor.
After all, I have verified that no errors were added. Nothing has
been cut out to remove the clicks. I just trimmed the samples
manually. There are other clicks and pops throught the recording, but
these are either mic handling noises or other usual tape flaws.
Needless to say that I left these untouched.
As I contacted dadgad he also pointed out that there is a repetion in
WLL. When I checked for that myself I even discovered two of them. A
big one repeating the ICQYB part almost entirely and a small one near
the end of that repetition which duplicates about one and a half
minutes once again. Here is in detail what I did to fix this:
- Removing repeated part in WLL (disc 2, track 2) after 21:48.61
- Applying small fade out and padding with 1 s of silence.
For those who want to check it themselves, I also have included the
uncut version of this track with all the repetitions.

Many thanks to dadgad for sharing his original version.

* Terms of use: *
* - Feel free to share or trade this recording with whomever you *
* like. *
* - Do neither re-shn/re-ape nor re-rip this recording from CD-R. *
* If you want to share/trade it, keep this FLAC set as it is. *
* - Do not sell this recording. *
* - Do not encode this recording to mp3 (or other lossy formats) *
* except for personal use. *

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