Led Zeppelin ?– I’m With The Band
Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A., May 19, 1973.
Stereo Soundboard

101 Rock And Roll
102 Celebration Day
103 Black Dog
104 Over The Hills And Far Away
105 Misty Mountain Hop
106 Since I've Been Loving You
107 No Quarter
108 The Song Remains The Same
109 The Rain Song

201 Dazed And Confused
202 Stairway To Heaven

I’m With The Band (First Edition) is the same incomplete soundboard recording that first surfaced on Worthwhile Experience (Flying Disc CD 6-815) and From Boleskine To the Alamo (Flying Disc CD 6-818). This was among the very first of the soundboards to surface from the cache of tapes lifted from Page’s residence in the late eighties. The Flying Disc edition ran at the wrong speed.

Tympani For the Butter Queen (62021/2) was released on Midas Touch in 1996 and was speed corrected and sounded much better than Flying Disc.

Winston Remasters released the tape as Mr Soundman. This sounded even better than Midas Touch since the tape, a typical flat 1973 soundboard, was remastered to have a more depth and liveliness to it.

The Tarantura sounds just as good and lively and much better than the Midas Touch release.

NB This is the second edition of the above. I have not heard the first edition so I cannot compare the two.

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