Led Zeppelin Boston Garden Boston Massachusetts July-20-1973
A Joe Maloney Master Krw_Co Transfer Tape Flip Edit Copy

Lineage Audience Analog Master To Cdr Krw Transfer To
Audio Cleaning Lab For Tape Flip Edits And Track Marks
To Cdr To Eac To Tlh Flac Level 8

No Eq Or Other Tampering

The Band
Jimmy Page Guitar
John Bonham Drums
John Paul Jones Bass Keyboards
Robert Plant Vocals

Cd 1 Analog 1 Side A
1 Rock And Roll
2 Celebration Day
3 Bring It On Home Intro/Black Dog
4 Over The Hill And Far Away
5 No Quarter
6 The Song Remains The Same
7 The Rain Song (Tape Flip Edit In Song At 44:33 Reel Time Or 4:00 Track Time Start Tape 1 Side B)
Cd 2
1 Dazed And Confused With San Francisco
2 Stairway To Heaven
(Tape 2 Side A Tape Flip Edit At 40:42 Real Time Or 14:29 Track Time In Crowd )
3 Heartbreaker
4 Whole Lotta Love With Boogie

Thanks To Joe For Letting Us Transfer His Masters
And Share Them With All Of You

Please Dont Post This On Any Other Trackers We Will When We Get To It
And Please Dont Alter This Recording In Any Way.Thank You
As Always Enjoy.Cheers Krw_Co