Led Zeppelin - 1973.07.23
Venue: Civic Center
City: Baltimore
Country: USA
Title: A Bloody Act
Quality: Fair + Aud
No Of Cds: 3
Comments: This has been a challenge to me to get the best out
of the recording, I did what I could, I hope you all will enjoy this
in the same way that I enjoyed it during the remastering process.
Great performance despite some faults in the first section of the set.
Dazed and Confused sections are played out of the classic sequence
giving a weird feeling to the song.
The STH solo has a part in it that incredibly enough sounds very similar
to one played two years later at the Earl's Court.

01 Rock And Roll (CD1)
02 Celebration Day
03 Black Dog
04 Over The Hills And Far Away
05 Misty Mountain Hop
06 Since I've Been Loving You
07 No Quarter
08 The Song Remains The Same
09 The Rain Song
10 Dazed And Confused (CD2)
11 Stairway To Heaven
12 Moby Dick
13 Heartbreaker (CD3)
14 Whole Lotta Love
15 The Ocean

Philips handheld recorder with internal condenser microphones > 2TDKd120 Cassettes > DAT1 > CDR3 >Remaster

credit goes to the group, the taper and pernod who shared the raw version at Royal Orleans.

dadgad prod.

>>Artwork Included<<