Led Zeppelin

1975-02-03, Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

[Tracks from 01->07 (*WC's Artie's 1st gen 44.1/16)]+[Tracks from 08->17 (^BP's Artie's 2020 transfer 1st gen 96/24>44.1/16]>Mastering>FLAC

Remastered and Speed Corrected

Mastering notes: BP's 2020 transfer is clearly better than WC's but unfortunately C1S1 transfer turned out unuseable therefore
I had to use WC's from Intro to The Rain Song.

01 Intro*
02 Rock And Roll*
03 Sick Again*
04 Over the Hills And Far Away*
05 In My Time Of Dying*
06 The Song Remains The Same*
07 The Rain Song*
08 Kashmir^
09 No Quarter^
10 Trampled Underfoot^
11 Moby Dick^
12 Dazed And Confused^
13 Stairway To Heaven^
14 Whole Lotta Love^
15 Black Dog^
16 Funky impromptu^
17 Communication Breakdown^

dadgad prod.