Led Zeppelin - Gallery Of Soldiers
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA
March 17, 1975
Audience recording
Power Chord PC-0002-1/2/3

this is audience recording from bootleg label "Power Chord"

All thanks go to Mr. "LedZeppelin68" from Russian tracker for sharing this recording.
I don't know who and where it was shared first. maybe it was here so it can be re-seed
argenteumastrum.com says:

POWER CHORD PC-0002-1/2/3

Recording: Very good to Excellent mono/stereo audience.
Source: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington Mar. 17 '75.
Comments: Japanese bootleg. Deluxe fold-out cardboard glossy sleeve. There are slight tics or cuts at each track change as if this label mastered the tape from a troubled CD-R.

uuweb.led-zeppelin.us says:

Gallery Of Soldiers (Power Chord PC-0002-1/2/3) 3CD set in a gatefold sleeve. 3/17/75 Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA

Individual CD sleeves are emblazoned with the PC logo. CDs have deluxe labels and coloring. This is the second offering from a brand new label. Nice gatefold mini-LP style packaging with live shots. Nothing fancy but well put together. This release shares the same disk times (within seconds), song sequence, and tape sources, as Seattle Won't You Listen, by TDOLZ. The R&R fade-in is there, and I guess the drop-outs on NQ and D&C are there, but they are barely perceptible. Other than that, there are no problems except for a few tiny cuts during some in between track applause (no lost Plant chatter). This is the entire show in proper sequence

Two distinctly different audience recordings. Both of them are above par. The first audience source includes R&R through In My Time of Dying. This is a loud show! For these first few songs, the sound is great and the mix is fine. It is a bit bass & drum heavy and the audience is definitely participating, but you can easily hear everything, and it is loud!! Any Seattle show makes for a fun listen, especially when you can experience the party atmosphere in the crowd. The second source is a little distant in comparison, but it is so clean & clear that it has been mistaken for a soundboard source by some. The audience is still present, but way in the background. It is interesting to compare the "party-on" atmosphere of the first source to the "squeaky-clean" quality of the second, nice to have them both on the same release. Get this or the TDOLZ. They are the most complete (Brian DuPont, 2001)

Lineage: silver CDs > EAC > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC > tracker > HD > Audacity lossless test > Dime

Artwork included

CD 1
1. Rock And Roll
2. Sick Again
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. In My Time Of Dying
5. The Song Remains The Same
6. The Rain Song
7. Kashmir

CD 2
1. No Quarter
2. Trampled Underfoot
3. Moby Dick

CD 3
1. Dazed And Confused
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Whole Lotta Love
4. Black Dog

Have a fun...M

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