Led Zeppelin - Earl's Court Arena 2405 Evoluzione
Earl's Court, London, UK
May 24, 1975
Soundboard/Audience Recording
Empress Valley Supreme Disc EVSD 252/253/254/255

Excellent boot but unfortunately i had to post it incompleted. According to the DaD rules i had to remove "In My Time Of Dying" because it was officially released at Led Zeppelin DVD from 2003.

i think this is a reliable SOURCE: http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/dvdec.html

argenteumastrum.com says:


Recording: Excellent stereo soundboard/Good-Very good stereo audience.
Source: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, England May 24 '75.
Comments: Japanese bootleg. Deluxe long box in a form of a four sided sleeve around cardboard tray.

uuweb.led-zeppelin.us says:

Earl's Court Arena 2405 Evoluzione (Empress Valley EVSD 252-255, 4CD set)

Just when you thought that nothing more could be added to the Earls Court CD catalogue, Empress Valley bring out the first of two releases (the second is for the last night and is called When We Were Kings), this present one being the well known 24 May 1975 concert. This is claimed to be from a new source tape, but a comparison with the Watch Tower release To Be A Rock And Not To Roll shows that they are very similar. It is a careful blending of the soundboard tape with the audience tape used to fill the gaps. These additions are made seamlessly and are very well done. However the way in which each label has EQ'd the source tape shows up on this new release from Empress Valley. They have cranked up the EQ, although fortunately not too much, and hence this new release sounds louder and more powerful than the Watch Tower release. Detailed comparison will follow when time permits. It is the level of EQ that will be the determining factor as to who prefers either release. Those who favour less EQ will be happy with Watch Tower's To Be A Rock And Not To Roll, and those who prefer a lot of EQ and a more punchy sound will prefer Earl's Court Arena 2405 Evoluzione. You pays your money and you takes your choice. The packaging follows the trend of several recent releases by this label, a matt thick layered card tray holding the four CDs, with a glossy card sleeve slipcase. The front cover has a lovely reproduction of the Earls Court poster, and on the back is a colour photo of Bonzo's drum kit, with the Earls Court stage setup of Led Zeppelin light up in lights, taken before they came back on stage for the encores. (Jules McTrainspotter Dec 03)

bootledz.com says:

Arabesque & Baroque, The Fourth Night (Antrabata, 4cd), Complete Earl's Court Arena Tapes "IV" (Empress Valley, 4cd), Earl's Court Arena 2405 Evoluzione (Empress Valley, 4cd), Earl's Court (SIRA, 3cd), Earl's Court Incident (Red Devil, 3cd), Fourthcoming (IQ, 4cd), Graf-Zeppelin-Marsch (Tarantura, 3cd), He Must Be Dazed and Confused (Empress Valley, 4cd), Odysseus (Celebration, 4cd), To Be a Rock and Not To Roll (Watchtower, 4cd), & Your Mother Wouldn't Like It (TDOLZ, 3cd)
Fourthcoming is the only release of the complete audience tape.
SIRA, Tarantura, Antrabata, and TDOLZ are the older titles, released when Moby Dick wasn't available from the video soundtrack.
TDOLZ and Tarantura are virtually identical. The Tarantura has been slightly amplified.
SIRA mixes the soundtrack and audience tape. Excluding the soundtrack of Moby Dick, about 95% of the sb tape was used on this release. The audience tape was used to fill in the difference. However, they did split Moby across the last 2 discs to fit the show on 3 cds.
Antrabata also used the audience tape to fill in the soundtrack gaps.

Celebration was the first title to release Moby Dick. It notes the show as being from the soundboard. They may or may not have meant to mislead, maybe only meaning the recording was from a professional source instead of the audience. Upon their later release of the video, the cuts during the acoustic set were found to match their audio release of the "soundboard." Odysseus does not use the audience tape to fill in gaps. It has a slight cut after Moby Dick and is cut while Dazed is ending, just like it's predecessors. Also like it's predecessors, the soundtrack generation seems to be the same, but only up thru the fifth minute of Dazed. From that point it clears up by a generation. Overall, it's sound is amplified and even almost overblown in places.
Watchtower's version is noted being from the soundboard. It has the most soundtrack tape before and after the show. Instead of using the partial soundtrack tape for Going To California, they spliced to the audience tape before it starts. Moby Dick contains 3 brief spots with severe static that are not found on the other releases. It is not cut after Moby Dick or during the end of Dazed. This title has almost six extra minutes of tape after Stairway.
Empress Valley used the same cds for their first two releases of this show (22cd box & He Must Be�). They make no source indication of any kind. Like Watchtower, they decided to not use the soundboard fragment for Going To California. It switches to the audience recording a few seconds early. Most of the tape after Stairway is not included. It is also missing some tape before and after the show.
Empress Valley's third release is different from their first pair. It's introduction has even less tape than their others, which were already short. The instance of static during the later part of the song has been poorly removed, making the interruption more noticeable than the static. This time, the available sound board fragment is used for Going To California, but misses it's last 4 seconds. All of the tape after Stairway and after the show are present.
Watchtower and the Empress Valley's releases are from lower generation video soundtracks than the earlier titles by other labels. The music is clearer and there is less background noise. Watchtower and Empress Valley's third release have the least amount of background noise and are almost completely identical. EV's first pair of releases have more background noise than the third release. Watchtower and the Empress Valley titles have less low end then Celebration's. However, Celebration's slightly lower frequencies can be attributed entirely to the overloading. Those three titles lack really good low end. They are not left sounding high and tiny. There's plenty of great mid range sound.
Red Devil's release seems to be sourced from Watchtower's release, but isn't a direct copy. The introduction, tape after Stairway, and tape after the show have all been shortened. No Quarter has been moved out of sequence, placing it between two acoustic tracks. (The move was evidently done to use one less cd, just like with "Robert's Last Stand.") The cue stops match Watchtower until the move. The sound quality is identical to Watchtower.

Lineage: silver CDs > EAC > FLAC > tracker > HD > Audacity lossless test > Dime

Artwork included

CD 1
1. Introduction by Nicky Horne
2. Rock And Roll
3. Sick Again
4. Over The Hills And Far Away
5. In My Time Of Dying (REMOVED - officially released at Led Zeppelin DVD)
6. The Song Remains The Same
7. The Rain Song
8. Kashmir

CD 2
1. No Quarter
2. Tangerine
3. Going To California
4. That's The Way
5. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

CD 3
1. Trampled Underfoot
2. Moby Dick
3. Dazed And Confused

CD 4
1. Stairway To Heaven
2. Whole Lotta Love
3. Black Dog

Have a fun...M