Led Zeppelin
24 & 25th May 1975 (compilation)
Earls Court, London.

Soundboard, plus one track from audience source.

I chose the title 'Blasphemy' to represent that this is NOT for the serious Led Zeppelin collector.

It is an edit to give a complete set from the London 1975 shows from soundboard sources as far as
possible, and does not include tracks from the official DVD relase. Only "Tangerine" and the first
20 seconds of "Going to California" have had to be taken from an audeince source. The audience noise
has also been edited to make the concert fit on 3CDs.

There is nothing �definitive� about this compilation, it is meant as an introduction to the
music performed by Led Zeppelin at what may have been the peak of their live performances in 1975.

If you buy the official releases, and mix the recordings from those with this you could make a much improved version.

disk 1
1.Rock 'n' Roll 4.00
2.Sick Again 6.16
3.Over the Hills and Far Away 7.56
4.In My Time of Dying 13.11
5.The Song Remains the Same 5.13
6.Rain Song 8.42
7.Kashmir 9.57
8.No Quarter 23.40+

disk 1 time 78.59

disk 2
1.Tangerine 5.12*
2.Going to California 5.54**
3.That's the Way 8.15*
4.Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 7.31*
5.Trampled Underfoot 10.04*
6.Moby Dick 19.21

disk 2 time 56.22

disk 3
1.Dazed and Confused 32.38
2.Stairway to Heaven 12.20*
3.Whole Lotta Love 6.40
4.Black Dog 7.27
5.Heartbreaker 8.29
6.Communication Breakdown 6.02

disk 3 time 73.41

Artwork can be downloaded from: http://www.jamielochhead.co.uk/lzbp1.html

Other artworks and desktop backgrounds (including several Led Zeppelin ones) can be found at: http://www.jamielochhead.co.uk/browse1.htm

Cover collage by Jamie Lochhead �2008
Detail from �The Creation of the Sun and the Moon� by Michelangelo.
Other source images from the internet.
This compilation and artwork must not be sold.
The details have only been put on the front inner to allow the artwork to be used for alternate versions that can be made of this set.

All tracks taken from the 25th May 1975 'When We Were Kings' release, except:
*24th May 1975 from 'The To Be a Rock and Not to Roll' release.
** audience recording, plus the first 20 seconds of 'That's The Way' from The To Be a Rock and Not to Roll' release.
+ is from the 25th May with a patch 19.18 onwards from the 24th May.

Sources lineage:
When We Were Kings, 25th May: Soundboard > silver CDs > ? > Flac > bit torrent > wav.
The To Be a Rock and Not to Roll', 24th May: Soundboard > silver CDs > ? >CDR (x ? generations) > EAC (secure mode) > wav

Compiled and tracked in Soundforge > Flac (level8, sector boundary aligned, verified)

This compilation represents a complete set from the shows Led Zeppelin performed
at Earls Court, London in 1975. None of the officially released tracks are included.
As far a possible tracks are taken from soundboard sources.

Other versions of this compilation could be made, this is simply one that I have made
from the sources I have available, and that fits the trading rules of �Dime�.

Edits have been made to the talking and crown noise between
the tracks to allow the compilation to fit onto 3 disks,
and also to cut down on some of the longer breaks.

If you wish to get the officially released tracks from these shows then I would strongly recommend that you buy:

Led Zeppelin DVD

details of the actual tracks used can be found at: http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/

"Going To California" - 25th, with edits, but not patches
That's the Way - 25th with edits
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - 25th with edits and '...now, it ain't too far' patch from 23rd
In My Time Of Dying - 24th with edits
Trampled Underfoot - 25th with edits. tiny patches from 23rd
Stairway To Heaven - 25th with edits, one line from 24th

The recently re-released and remastered 'The Song Remains the Same' live album is also a superb live album:

http://www.ledzeppelin.com - official website.