Led Zeppelin
Birmingham, Alabama
May 18 1977

for finding the recording and having it professionally transferred)

8 TRACK MASTER CASSETTES (as in 70's style 8 track tapes!) digitally transferred
in Birmingham by a company that wishes to remain 'nameless' ;)

8 track cassette master > professional digital transfer to CDR > EAC > WAV >
Sony Sound Forge 8 (track editing, speed/pitch correcting and EQ; alternate sources used to patch cuts- see below) > WAV > TLH > FLAC

I patched the major cuts in the recording using the following:
"Out Of The Way" silver CDs > EAC > WAV > Sony Sound Forge 8
"Dixie" silver CDs > EAC > WAV > Sony Sound Forge 8

SQ 6-7

MC/Crowd intro
The Song Remains The Same
The Rover > Sick Again
Nobody's Fault But Mine
In My Time Of Dying (ending cut; patched w/ OOTW & Dixie sources)
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
Ten Years Gone
Battle Of Evermore
Going To California (ending cut; patched w/ OOTW source)
Black Country Woman > Bron Y Aur Stomp (slight cut during BYAS; patched w/ OOTW source)
White Summer > Black Mountain Side
Kashmir (temporary volume drop in middle)
Over The Top (slight cut during tympani section)
Noise Solo
Achilles Last Stand
Stairway To Heaven
Rock And Roll

Jon Meacham's brother and a couple of friends attended the concert and made this recording. In true 70's fashion they taped the show using
8 track tapes. After his brother's passing Jon discovered the 8 track tapes; then he went to a company in Birmingham that does digital transfers
of analog audio and video recordings. He then contacted me over at the official Led Zeppelin website for advice
(where I was known for my 'expertise' on the '77 tour and recordings.) He offered to send me a copy of the raw digital transfer,
so that I could try to improve the sound quality. And here is the end result; the raw recording played at least a step
fast, so I did some speed and pitch correcting on it. I also re-EQ'd and boosted the volume of the recording, as the raw recording
was very boomy in the low end (not to mention quiet). That said, it is by no means perfect; there are a few cuts here and there, the most major
ones I "patched" using my Birmingham "Out Of The Way" and "Dixie" CDs. There were also some tape issues (flutter and warbling) during the
acoustic set, not to mention a bit of digital static (presumably made during the digital transfer) also during the acoustic set.
These issues are nothing too serious, though (I've heard worse.) Still listenable.
That aside, sound quality wise, IMO this alternate source is much better than the "Dixie" recording but still a notch or two below the
"Out Of The Way" source.

DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING, as the 'cover design' Mr Meacham lashed together clearly states :).


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