Led Zeppelin 5-21-1977 (Discs: CDA-3/FLAC-2)
The Summit Houston Texas

Bertha Remaster of the Original Silvers source


d1t01-The Song Remains The Same
d1t02-Sick Again
d1t03-Nobody's Fault But Mine
d1t04-In My Time of Dying
d1t05-Since I've Been Loving You
d1t06-No Quarter
d2t01-Ten Years Gone
d2t02-The Battle of Evermore
d2t03-Going to California
d2t04-Black Country Women
d2t05-Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
d2t06-White Summer-Black Mountain Side
d3t01-Out On The Tiles-Moby Dick
d3t02-Guitar Solo
d3t03-Achilles Last Stand
d3t04-Stairway to Heaven
d3t05-Rock and Roll
d3t06-Trampled Under Foot


Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha, by jashley@eadacated.com.
Completed july 30, 2005.

The original source is from a monitor mix with a very narrow stereo channel.
The narrow stereo effect is common to monitor or house mixes.

The original source has audio level compression applied, as well as noise reduction.
Both were done well and did not result in any noticeable artifacts.

From the original text file, prior to Bertha Remastering:

"The Dragon Snake" EVSD

The Summit, Houston, Texas

Lineage: Orginal Silvers [EVSD 341/2/3]>EAC[Secure Mode Offset Corrected]>.Wav>FLACFrontend[Level 6]>Flac

Soundboard Recording

Format: FLAC