Led Zeppelin
Madison Square Garden, New York
June 7, 1977
soundboard with audience blends


This is a personal project involving primarily the soundboard source from the EV 'Magic Sound Boogie' release torrented earlier on Dime by monito:

Lineage: Silver CD > EAC > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC(level 8)

The work I did is as follows:

(1) Blended in the audience source torrented at Zomb by dorcus:

Lineage: Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC(level 6)

...to compensate for the following:

- A 25-30 second cut in the soundboard source about 4:25 into 'No Quarter'
- A 1 minute, 45 second cut in the soundboard source from about :25 into 'Black Country Woman' and extending into the beginning of 'Bron-Y-Aur Stomp'
- A 40-second cut in the soundboard source about 1:40 into the guitar solo prior to 'Achilles Last Stand' (this cut is difficult to identify in the soundboard source, but it's there)

(2) Applied some minor speed correction, as there were some inconsistencies in pitch throughout the recording
(3) Removed some pops and clicks I encountered here and there, but nothing major

Unfortunately the cut in 'Moby Dick' (aka 'Over the Top') is also present in the audience source, which is missing much more of this piece; nevertheless, it seems like this cut is fairly small, possibly only a few seconds.

DISC 1 (69:41)
1. The Song Remains the Same (7:12)
2. The Rover/Sick Again (6:48)
3. Nobody�s Fault But Mine (7:35)
4. In My Time of Dying (11:29)
5. Since I�ve Been Loving You (9:31)
6. No Quarter (27:06)

DISC 2 (49:18)
1. Ten Years Gone (11:08)
2. The Battle of Evermore (6:45)
3. Going to California (6:34)
4. Black Country Woman (1:43)
5. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (6:15)
6. White Summer/Black Mountain Side (6:22)
7. Kashmir (10:31)

DISC 3 (62:15)
1. Over the Top (22:49)
2. Guitar Solo (11:03)
3. Achilles Last Stand (10:26)
4. Stairway to Heaven (11:43)
5. Whole Lotta Love (1:37)
6. Rock and Roll (4:37)

Special thanks to both uploaders mentioned above for making these recordings available.