Led Zeppelin

The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA

27th June 1977


'Sunset', The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin, TDOLZ Vol. 055

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Disc 1

01 - The Song Remains The Same
02 - Sick Again
03 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
04 - Over The Hills & Far Away
05 - Since I've Been Loving You

Disc 2

01 - No Quarter
02 - Ten Years Gone
03 - The Battle Of Evermore
04 - Going To California

Disc 3

01 - Going Down South
02 - Black Country Woman
03 - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
04 - Dancing Days
05 - White Summer, Black Mountainside
06 - Kashmir
07 - Trampled Underfoot
08 - Out On The Tiles > Moby Dick

Disc 4

01 - Guitar Solo
02 - Achilles Last Stand
03 - Stairway To Heaven
04 - Whole Lotta Love
05 - Rock & Roll

This is the last show that Zeppelin ever played at the L.A. Forum, the culmination of a six night stand at the venue that mirrored a similar

stand at the MSG venue in New York earlier in June. There seems to be two sources for this show, one as recorded by the renowned Mike

Millard & to his usual exacting standards, the 2nd source listed by argenteumastrum as 'incomplete 2nd audience recording.'

This show has had various releases on various labels over the years, so I include this website review, specific to this particular release...

"The final concert at the Inglewood forum (June 27, 1977) by the entire band. The whole band turn in a rather erratic show. The opening

four numbers are really great (probably one of the best OTHAFA solos ever) as is Kashmir and NQ (very unusual rendition). TYG has many

mistakes (as is typical of this point in the tour) on JP's part, TU and STH also have a *tired* feel to them. The main highlight here

is a surprise: The infamous Guitar/Electronics solo. It's got to be the longest, most improvised, and well, just plain "best" version of

'77. Running close to half an hour, it has Page creating sounds and riffs (even from WLL and Heartbreaker) that haven't even been hinted

at the beginning of the tour. Pure experimental genius. It's interesting how this piece evolved over the tour, each time Page adding new

parts. In contrast, the following track, ALS (which I consider to be the general highlight of '77) is one of the worst ever. Plant

forgets verses, Bonzo's playing is awful, and JP's in a completely different world. The sound of this 4CD set is basically excellent, and

at times better balanced than (although it doesn't have the *punch* of) the "Eddie" recording. This TDOLZ version is noticeably better

than the Silver Rarities release. Not really a "Must-Have" but definitely one to pick up eventually, even for the most casual collector.

(A N Onymous May 99)"

(Taken from http://www.uuweb.led-zeppelin.us/1977.html#27-Jun-77%20L.A., with all appropriate credit & thanks)

There is a mastering flaw on this release, on all pressings - on Disc 3, track 4, 'Dancing Days', there's a 29 second repeat of banter at the

end of the track - this has been removed with Audacity. TDOLZ also unnecessarily spread this release over four discs - it will fit snugly on


EAC Log, ffp, md5 included

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