Led Zeppelin
Zep 77' Evolution Is Timing

This is a soundboard compilation of songs performed at various shows
from Led Zeppelin's 1977 tour. Each track was individually remastered
for this compilation. I used the best sounding sources that
I had available.

In picking the tracks for this compilation there were only 3 qualifiers:

Try to get the best performances...
From the best sounding available sources...
From as many different nights as possible...

The set list is formatted similar to the running order of an actual Zep concert.
It is meant to be played LOUD! Enjoy!

Dates Included In This Compilation:

1977-04-27 Cleveland
1977-05-21 Houston
1977-05-22 Ft. Worth
1977-05-25 Landover
1977-05-26 Landover
1977-05-30 Landover
1977-06-07 New York
1977-06-23 Los Angeles

CD 1:
01)The Song Remains The Same 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 5:36 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD)
02)Sick Again 1977-05-30 Landover 6:40 (Double Shot-EVSD)
03)Nobody's Fault But Mine 1977-06-07 New York 6:49 (Magical Sound Boogie-EVSD)
04)In My Time Of Dying 1977-06-07 New York 10:53 (Treading The Boards-MSB remaster)
05)Since I've Been Loving You 1977-04-27 Cleveland 8:31 (from 1st gen)
06)No Quarter 1977-05-26 Landover 22:18 (Bringing The House Down-EVSD)

CD 2:
01)Ten Years Gone 1977-05-25 Landover 9:55 (Double Shot-EVSD)
02)The Battle Of Evermore 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 7:06 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD)
03)Going To California 1977-05-30 Landover 4:52 (Double Shot-EVSD)
04)Black Country Woman 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 2:12 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD)
05)Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 1977-04-27 Cleveland 5:07 (from 1st gen)
06)White Summer/Black Mountainside 1977-05-25 Landover 5:45 (Double Shot-EVSD)
07)Kashmir 1977-05-21 Houston 8:56 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD)

CD 3:
01)Noise Solo 1977-06-23 Los Angeles 12:15 (from Master Presence source)
02)Achilles Last Stand 1977-05-30 Landover 9:44 (Double Shot-EVSD)
03)Stairway To Heaven 1977-05-25 Landover 10:57 (Double Shot-EVSD)
04)Whole Lotta Love 1977-05-30 Landover 1:36 (Double Shot-EVSD)
05)Rock n' Roll 1977-05-30 Landover 4:29 (Double Shot-EVSD)
06)Trampled Underfoot 1977-04-27 Cleveland 7:11 (from 1st gen)
07)It'll Be Me 1977-05-22 Ft. Worth 5:31 (Texas Hurricane-EVSD)

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