Led Zeppelin
Zep 80' Evolution Is Timing

This is a soundboard compilation of songs performed at various shows
from Led Zeppelin's 1980 tour. Each track was individually remastered
for this compilation. I used the best sounding sources that
I had available.

In picking the tracks for this compilation there were only 3 qualifiers:

Try to get the best performances...
From the best sounding available sources...
From as many different nights as possible...

The set list is formatted similar to the running order of an actual Zep concert.
It is meant to be played LOUD! Enjoy!

Dates Included In This Compilation:

1980-06-17 Dortmund
1980-06-20 Brussels
1980-06-21 Rotterdam
1980-06-23 Bremen
1980-06-24 Hannover
1980-06-29 Zurich
1980-06-30 Frankfurt
1980-07-03 Mannheim
1980-07-07 Berlin

CD 1:
01)Train Kept A Rolling 1980-06-29 Zurich 3:03 (from 1st gen)
02)Nobody's Fault But Mine 1980-06-23 Bremen 5:19 (Bremen 1980-Tarantura)
03)Black Dog 1980-07-07 Berlin 6:14 (from 1st gen KRW src)
04)In The Evening 1980-06-29 Zurich 9:15 (from 1st gen)
05)The Rain Song 1980-06-24 Hannover 7:41 (from 1st gen KRW src)
06)Hot Dog 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 3:51 (from 1st gen KRW src)
07)All My Love 1980-07-07 Berlin 5:46 (from 1st gen KRW src)
08)Trampled Underfoot 1980-06-20 Brussels 7:59 (from 1st gen KRW src)
09)Since I've Been Loving You 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 9:49 (from 1st gen KRW src)
10)Achilles Last Stand 1980-06-21 Rotterdam 9:43 (from 1st gen KRW src)

CD 2:
01)White Summer/Black Mountainside 1980-06-17 Dortmund 5:47 (from 1st gen speed corrected)
02)Kashmir 1980-06-20 Brussels 9:08 (from 1st gen KRW src)
03)Stairway To Heaven 1980-07-07 Berlin 15:35 (from 1st gen KRW src)
04)Rock n' Roll 1980-06-21 Rotterdam 3:47 (from 1st gen KRW src)
05)Communication Breakdown 1980-07-03 Mannheim 2:49 (from 1st gen KRW src)
06)Heartbreaker 1980-06-29 Zurich 9:53 (from 1st gen)
07)Whole Lotta Love 1980-07-07 Berlin 18:25 (from 1st gen KRW src)
08)Money 1980-06-30 Frankfurt 5:10 (from 1st gen KRW src)

Images for all shows as well as full size images for this show.

Images for this show:

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