Lee Michaels
Fillmore East, New York, 1970-10-30
Audience Tape, 2nd generation, Sound Quality: B

01. Introduction > Who Could Want More
02. Heighty Hi
03. What Now America?
04. Day of Change
05. My Lady
06. Thumbs
07. The War
08. No Part of It
09. Didn’t Know What I Had

Total Time: 41:27

Lee Michaels: Piano and Vocals
Joel Larson: Drums

Audience Tape > CDR > WavePad Sound Editor > Tracking > FLAC

This is a show for the serious fan. The sound quality is average at best,
the music is always distant (with some hiss), and audience noise is heard in spots.
Still, with so few Lee Michaels tapes out there, I figured I’d share this one, which
seems to have been in very limited circulation.

The opening acts were Juicy Lucy and Cactus. I believe that both of those shows have
appeared on Dime in the past. So, this one completes the bill. Michaels headlined during
the two night/four show run at the Fillmore East, October 30th and 31st.

In his review of one of the shows in Billboard Magazine (1970-11-14), Fred Kirby wrote,
in part: “Lee Michaels, playing grand piano, was strong in the October 30 first of four weekend
Fillmore East shows. Michaels with drummer [Joel Larson] as his only support musician still came
though as one of today’s best composer-performers, although not as heavy in sound as previously….
Variety also would have aided Michaels, who ranged far in delivering his A&M material, even including
“Heighty Hi” from the third of his four albums. While not as sharp as he could be Michaels still
showed he had it.”

The New York Times review (1970-11-1) was less favorable, noting, in particular, many “blank spots”
where a bass or guitar would have filled the void and propelled the music forward.

Once again, I would like to make an appeal for more Lee Michaels.
I know that more live tapes are out there, so let’s dig a little and share what we find!

If you have any Lee Michaels tapes or would just like to discuss, please contact me through Dime,
or contact benupham3@comcast.net.