Lee Michaels, Swing Auditorium, 1971-06-18
San Bernardino, CA, USA

Goody Remastered Edition (with thanks to Echinops for the source)

01. Do You Know What I Mean
02. Mad Dog
03. What Now America
04. My Lady
05. Day of Change
06. Thumbs
07. Stormy Monday
08. War
09. Didn't Know What I Had
10. Oak Fire
11. Heighty Hi
12. Rock Me Baby

Lee Michaels: Piano and Vocals
Keith Knudsen: Drums

Total Time: 48:43

FM Broadcast on KUSC in Los Angeles (source of recording unknown)* > Cassette > CDR > EAC > Wave > FLAC >

Goody's additional lineage and comments - 2009-11-25:
dBpoweramp (WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender +60 cents; Track 8 - R-Channel volume restored.
Entire set retracked. Other small edits, glitch & pop removal, etc. No EQ or NR performed at all.)
> Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Level 8; ffp)

Some transitions were left in their rough state, where there appeared to be a tape flip or that the
tape was stopped and restarted. This is now most likely the closest this show has sounded to how it
did on the day it was recorded. The tape hasn't aged particularly well - it has a slight warble and
some volume fluctuations and/or dropouts, but it's still extremely listenable, and, considering the
rare performance and very few existing other ones, the value of this recording is quite obvious.
It is an honor to have been given the opportunity to restore it, and I extend my gratitude to all
involoved in its existence and preservation.

From the original notes (Torrent #277781 Lee Michaels, Swing Auditorium, 1971-06-18):

Michaels headlined on this bill which also included Chuck Berry, Long John Baldry, and
Jo Jo Gunne. Last I checked, the Jo Jo Gunne set is still being seeded on DIME.

It is clear from what Michaels says at various points throughout the show that the concert
is being filmed. Does anyone out there know what became of this footage or ever seen it?

I will try to upload more Lee Michaels live tapes when I get the chance, but if you have any
old reels, please, please share them. This music is rare, but I know it's out there, perhaps
sitting in a box in your attic! If you have any tapes or would just like to discuss this music,
feel free to contact me through Dime, or contact benupham3@comcast.net.

Otherwise, please enjoy and remember to share it! (If you post elsewhere, please be sure to
include this summary).

*merday at 2009-11-24 04:06:13 GMT
Got this a while back from somewhere - the original notes said:
CASSETTE > AUDIO CD > EAC > WAVE > FLAC". Definitely NOT a SBD source, even if broadcast,
but it's Lee, so it's just fine as it is.