The Legendary Flower Punk
"Krach am Bach 2017"
Beelen, Westphalia, Germany
August - 04 - 2017
Waltzing Wannerup Stage (app. 18:00 -> 18:50)

Matrix of two sources:

a) Soundboard feed -> Zoom H2 (WAV 16/44)
b) Okm2R -> Zoom H2n (WAV 16/44) - recorded by Spacebandit, first row right of center.
Matrixed via Audacity by SIR Hanwaker.
Tracked and Flac'd by Spacebandit.

Spacey's notes on KRACH AM BACH 2017...

Out in the outskirts of nowhere northern Westphalia, Germany...there is a small treasure hidden. Occurs only once a year, but done with love and supreme enthusiasm. I've enjoyed this
small size festival in early daze of 1994/1995 a lot. Great bands like Alex Oriental Experpience or Rausch and an almost familiy-like atmosphere. Something changed very much towards
the billing of more "youth-orientated" band over the years and millenium change which never let go there. Maybe there were some fine acts during those years, but me was into different
music than offered there. Though, it's only a stone's throw from my home. changed during the earyl 2010's with the addition of more rockn roll and psychedelic music into
their program. The Flying Eyes did a marvellous performance there late night and then it (almost) got all running wit the double fantastic lineup of Kadavar and Motorpsycho.
Since then...everything changed...into a mighty fine whirlwind of fine music and space for all...May the gods, winds and mother nature bless this festival forever.
Biggest of thanks to the "chiefs" Christian and Klaus and all the friendly crew. You did a damn fine job! SB.

Some Statistics:

TICKET PRICE: 35 Euronen for both days in advance (Early bird). F***ing cheap. 2500 official tickets.
FOOD/DRINKS: very fine prices for turkish/vietnamese/germanstyle food,
a 0.3 beer for 2 Euronen, Water/Softdrinks less! That's cool! (Oh, no cheap beer, of course!)
TOILETS: fantastic...booths and also cool water supply for refreshing and cleaning. Woah!
SECURITY: Nice and easy. Unless you're not too drunk. Yeah, missed them during the MP show.
FESTIVAL GROUND: Unlike Burg was all on sandy ground. No muddy soaking fields. When it rained like hell on saturday morning,
all was gone by early afternoon. Just a tiny mudbooth in front of the mainstage. Some people dried it out with their bodies. Funny to watch!
It was all lawn area, lazing out was fun.

Starting a little series of recordings from that lovely Krach Am Bach Festival 2017 with a very spacial band to me. The Legendary Flower Punk is the sideproject of Kamille
Sharapodinov from THE GRAND ASTORIA a heavy psych rock band from St.Petersburg, Russia. Since we first met many years ago @ Yellowstock Festival and a lot of times after, a kind
of friendship developed between him and me. As he was staying close by with his band when he got the news that our both favourite band Motorpsycho was playing the festival (which he had not
seen before (!) as MP haven't played Russia yet) he wanted to catch them there. So, for the organizers of KRAMBA (as we call it here) it was just natural to give them a spot to
play as well. And man, it was a short but great show! In contrast to the more heavy rocking approach of THE GRAND ASTORIA, the FLOWER PUNK is a bit more floating with even a jazzfusion
feeling woven inside soaking psychedelic music. And it's instrumental only to give a straight contrast to the "main" band. I must also add that I had many great talks with all the band
members (sorry, I can't remember your names...shitty dementia!) and I think we all had major fun at the festival. So now let's jump into the music. Lighten one up and enjoy! SB.

FULL SHOW (48:21 min.)

01. Intro by Klaus -> Earthquake zen (8:49)
02. Urban zen (8:14)
03. Party zen (9:06)
04. Subway zen (4:30)
05. Christmas zen (7:44)
06. Sappy * (2:26)
07. White magick zen (7:30)

* Nirvana song, bass only!
thanks to Kamille for the setlist!

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Sorry, no lineup details...maybe...

Kamille Sharapodinov - guitar
Mike Lopakov - bass
Nik Kunavin - drums
??? - keyboards, trumpet

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