Bruce Willy and the Camera club
Lene Lovich- vocals
Les Chappell- guitar
David Cravatt- keyboards
Mark Chaplin- bass
Justin Hildreth- drums
Paradise Club
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
March 15, 1980
(1st show)
performance quality: very nice
recording quality: A or close to it
source: master FM broadcast tape
WBCN-104.1 FM radio >
Sansui 8 reciever >
mediocre quality cassette deck (dolby off) >
TDK-SA 90 minute tape >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (wav ) > flac > torrentially yours.
first seeded in 2009 with a critical missing step in the lineage.
reseeded in 2010 with a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion
to remove the sector boundary errors.
runtime: 73:40
1: radio stage introduction > monkey talk 4:32
2: egghead 2:26
3: sleeping beauty 3:33
4: writing on the wall 3:44
5: momentary breakdown 3:44
6: the night 4:33
7: you can't kill me 4:25
8: too tender to touch 4:02
9: say when 3:27
10: Joan 3:26
11: angels 3:32
12: lucky number 5:58
13: home (with band introductions) 10:00
14: encore break 2:23
15: what would I do without you 3:23
16: one in a million 2:55
17: encore break 1:57
18: bird song 5:31 (not the song by the Grateful Dead)
thanks to awake28 for the title of the last track.
A this and that production.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
If you download this, please also seed it
to help others be able to get it too.
(Do not encode to iMPairment3 for circulation.)
this was the 1st live Lene Lovich I ever heard.
She did 3 shows this time through, one just after this
and the third on March 16th at the Paradise. She was a
big hit in Boston with her "Stainless" "and Flex"
album releases which are featured in here. this all
comes from my master cassette, the only one I have of
live Lene Lovich. It was an inspired show with good
rockin' and nice vocals. the tape flip was between songs,
this is the whole concert (including the last song which
is the only one not in the etree setlist for this show
(which they had dated as March 20th). this was WBCN's
12th anniversary broadcast, and at this point they
featured new wave, pop and alternative bands (Elvis Costello,
Blondie, the Motels, the Cars, the Records). I think this
was their 1st time broadcasting a Lene Lovich show.